Sunday, April 10, 2011

Otterbox commuter case for Iphone 4 reviewed!!

I recently recieved a case from otterbox for my verizon iphone. So does it stand up to the demand? Let's find out. First thing I did when i almost dropped my precious Iphone was say to myself maybe I should invest in a case. So i went online to find the one I wanted and it was sold out everywhere. I finally found one from I will be ordering from them again soon! So Let's get to the review. I find this case to be the perfect case. It has a silicon inner that goes onto the phone, and a hard plastic shell for the outside.It aslo has a cutout for the apple logo that everyone loves.The cutout for the camera is great it has the flash and camera seperated unlike other cases. Which will not give your photos that washed out look that other cases do. The microphone on the top of the device also has a cutout. It seems to give my phone the protection it needs. There are plugs that flap down for the headphone jack and 30 pin charger port. I have been using it for a few days now and for a person that dosn't like cases I like it alot. There will be a video review of this up on my youtube channel soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Flotv will it become the portable tv giant?

There is a new device out called Flotv. It is a portable tv that has a 3.5 inch touch sensitive ui. It has no sd card slot, no video out. But the battery does last for a very long time. Now I bought one way back in Nov. of 09 and I have yet to get service where I live. I have called and called and posted on Facebook but yet to no avail is there any service or talk of any service yet to come to my neck of the woods. Which really makes me mad because who doesn't want cable tv in their pocket? Well acually maybe more than you might think. The Flotv is $199.99 and that just gives you the device. Yet it has been giving away 6 months free service with the purchase of the tv. After that it is $14.99 per month. Now am I willing to pay that? yes, but I am not so sure that alot of others are. The channels they get are not very many, there are only like 20 channels, like Nick, ESPN, CBS to go, and a few other to just name a few. You can also set reminders to alert you of a show about to start that you set a reminder for and there is a built in stand on the device which i really liked. All in all if this company can ever get the towers up they need for service everywhere i think it will be a major movement in tv history, until then it's a nice paper weight for me and others without service.

Wecome to A Nerdz World!!!

In this blog i will be talking about all sorts of electronics, video games and computers. I will take your questions and give the best response that i can give, but beware you might not like all of them. I will also be posting things on Youtube like how-to's and unboxings, along with all kinds of things. So I hope you will enjoy everything that goes on in A Nerdz World!!!!